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Goldar Glow fo sho!

Black Friday, you evil, evil girl. Making me spend money at Sephora. Like I needed to do that.


So I love face masks, and I have been dying to try something GlamGlow, because that brand has amazing reviews and their products just embody fun. So when I saw they had the Power Rangers Goldar mask for sale, I had to buy it.(It was such a hard toss up between that and the Rita Repulsa mask, but I wanted to be gold AF, damnit!).

I busted this tube open, shook it, and applied liberally. I was so gold and glowing and I loved every second of it. It smelled like coconuts and tropical happiness, and that alone made me want to go crazy rubbing it on my face. It tingled, which is apparently a good thing, since GlamGlow is all about fighting gravity, and let's face it, I make nothing but frowny faces and I need all the help I can get putting my skin back.

And then, we wait....for 20-30 minutes until it's okay to peel this sucker off your face. Forced relaxation? HELL YEAH! Time to sip some wine and play Ultimate Chicken Horse on Steam (which is beyond entertaining, but I suck at this goddamn game). 20 minutes later and it was time to peel this mask off and reveal my glowing, youthful skin.

Sweet baby Jesus, that was a task. It took me a long ass time to peel off, and after a while I got super frustrated and used a warm damp cloth to remove the rest. Aggravation aside, this mask made my skin look and feel dewy and renewed. Yassss for fighting gravity!!

Overall, loved this mask. Glamglow, you know what's up, and I'll definitely throw this into my beauty regiment. But for the love of God, please make it easier to remove this shit from your face. I totally get the warning to avoid Eyebrows and Hairline, because I could definitely wax all the hair off my face with this bad boy. I am definitely going to splurge after the holidays and buy their Glitter mask (Boyfriend: Sleep with one eye open, I am ambushing you with facemasks....).

BTW! I started trying to make some Youtube videos. Check out the one I made for this GlamGlow review

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