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Welcome to Geeks Get Glam!!

I am beyond excited to start this project. After spending years in the hair industry, ranging from stylist, manager, and educator, I've finally found a way to create a beauty environment that encompasses everything I love: by starting a nerd themed hair styling brand.

This idea snowballed while wandering around Boston Comic Con in August. I love seeing how creative Cosplayers get, and being surrounded in such a fun, creative atmosphere is so inspiring. Hell, if I can create some fun hair and dress up like Princess Leia at the same time, I'd probably have a really amazing work day (you know, dress for the job you want...)

Aside from just promoting all of my hair work, I wanted to create a blog where I can talk about everything I love, not just with hair, but with nerd and retro culture mixed in as well. I also am excited for the opportunity to connect with my fellow nerds and hear their input.

This is just the beginning, and I am really excited for where the future takes this project. I can't wait to start sharing styles and reviews, and tutorials. Thank you for reading, and looking forward to some more blog fun!



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