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Boston Comic Con RoundUp

So Boston Comic Con came and went, and overall, it was EPIC AF! I am still managing to get glitter on positively everything I encounter, but it was seriously worth it.

I started off Thursday in an insane panic, worried about not getting to check in on time, and stressed about not meeting our AirBNB host on time (we never actually met him, but he seemed pretty chill through phone conversations, plus he OCD labeled everything, making him a person after my own organizational heart). We managed to get some glittery crafts done on the ferry (sorry about all the glitter...kinda!), and made it to the Boston Convention Center in ludicrous speed timing.

Friday was fueled with coffee, sparkles, and a shit ton of last minute tasks. My glittery task team of Lacina and Devan ran out to grab stencils and more glitter, since I am reaaaaally awesome at creating last minute projects. So worth it though, because we added Hair Stenciling to our menu, and was that ever an awesome idea. The doors opened, and we had met a few people, who turned out to visit us every day for their glittery braid fix!

Saturday was BANANAS! I looked at my watch at 9:00 am and looked back later and it was almost 4pm. We got to braid and glitter some of the most amazing people. SO many TARDIS cosplays, so little time! Hell, someone even had their service Corgi dressed as a TARDIS (I Squeed at that about as much as when friggen John Barrowman walked by our booth!). It felt like the Con came right to my booth, which was pretty fucking magical.

Sunday arrived, and it was a much calmer day. Devan got to fangirl at Felicia Day, Lacina glittered every Beard in site, I braided so many Khaleesi inspired styles in time for Game of Thrones, and Dan hid in the corner doing accounting things. Things that were amazing were a guy Slave Leia, a gender bent Wonder Woman who was fierce AF, and getting to take pictures in the trash compactor set up by the 501st Legion. I am also obsessed with these rad Rick & Morty/Doctor Who paintings we had done by Spray Paint artist Nathan Salmon (Instagram @salmnat). It was the most entertaining artwork ever created. I also loved making friends with all the ladies and fellas at Utilikilts, who let us glitter their beards and gave us tons of Con ideas.

Overall, I had a blast, and it was really hard going back to reality after such a fun weekend. It's amazing that I got to turn my dreams into an actual career where I get to do what I love and meet such creative, interesting people, who are so insanely passionate. I am also so grateful to my friends that helped me with everything, and who clearly deserve all the alcohol after how crazy our week went.

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