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Unicorn Dreamer Sugar Scrub

It happened. I turned Thirty. And I am still not ready to adult.

Can you blame me?! Bills are lame, I’m full of back pain, and I don’t like the judgy looks I get when I walk into Target and try to buy a Queen-Sized Star Wars blanket set (Seriously, that cannot be made for a kid’s bed, who are you trying to fool, Target?!).

Lucky for me I have a ton of friends and family who seriously went out of their way to make my Dirty Thirty super awesome. Seriously, filled with Wonder Woman, KitchenAid Mixers, funfetti cake, and a crap ton of Unicorn goodies, how could I not feel loved?!

My friend Laura is awaiting approval to become a US Citizen, so since she couldn’t celebrate with us in person, she mailed me some awesome goodies that she ordered in her Maple Syrup land of Canada (it’s how I envision Canada, Laura told me about eating Maple Syrup on a stick and I can’t get that out of my head).

Obvy my Unicorn Friend needed to get in on the action...

All I can say is Holy SHIT! I have found my new favorite bath product. Mod Bath and Body Unicorn Dreamer Whipped Sugar Scrub has become my favorite weekly ritual. Laura ordered this (and some other goodies I’ll review later) on, which has clothes, accessories, and a whole bunch of bath and beauty products that I assume I’m going to go broke on.

I clearly have a love of bath time and unicorns, and ermaaagerddddd this stuff is amazing to add to your shower routine. First of all, you open it up and it smells like happiness. Described on the container as an enveloping blend of grape, peach, and plum with sparkling citrus, rose, and musk. I would never have thought to mix all of these scents together, but the peach and rose notes are what make this such a nice smelling product, and not at all overwhelming.

The colors melt together and create a really cool messy rainbow of awesome

When you open it up, it is swirled with rainbow colors, as any unicorn product should be. After I washed my hair and spent fucking forever shaving (Irish skin, Italian hair, what did I do to deserve this?), I opened this up and emulsified it on my skin and holy crap, my skin felt so goddamn smooth. It’s like I exfoliated my sins away and emerged with divine skin. I am going to have to order a ton of this, because I can only imagine how nice this is going to be for when winter arrives and makes my skin dry AF. Hello exfoliating Gods, thank you for the Unicorn goodies!

It looks like Rainbow Happiness!

I am seriously excited to try all of Mod’s products. They have what looks like a crazy line of whipped scrubs and body butters, and I am going to have to try them all (don’t tell me I don’t have goals). The only thing I wished was that the Unicorn Dreamer Whipped Scrub had glitter, because I am a glitter addict and strongly feel anything Unicorn needs glitter. Aside from that, this is an amazing product, it smells insanely good, and I love how it makes my skin feel silky smooth.

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